We'll track down your prescription in no time. We carry the widest selection of lenses and offer expedited shipping for all your contact lens needs The LC-HD Enhanced View Progressive™ can be personalized to your prescription and frame to give you better clarity and reduced distortion. Anyone know what new custom progressive Walmart is selling. However, doctors may decide on a different wearing schedule (shorter or longer) for an individual patient based on wearing habits, lifestyle, cleaning methods etc. Benefits: Computer lenses dramatically increase visual comfort and eye strain and prevent trips to the chiropractor. The tell-tale line of the lined bifocal is a thing of the past. See reviews below to learn more or submit your own review. Once you've selected your prescription type, you … Monovision is a good solution for some people, but not everybody can successfully adapt to the arrangement. My prescription recently expired. This law made it much easier for you to enjoy the savings and convenience of ordering on-line from Walmart. You no longer have to be caught peering over bifocals, or switching out two pairs of glasses. And I am not sure where the narrow field of vision comes from. The coating is coming off the Zeiss lenses. I was and am very impressed with both the customer service and the quality of the glasses. This will be the LAST TIME I ever set foot in a Walmart Vision Center. You have 365 days from the delivery date to return or exchange your lenses. Every location I went to that accepted my my vision insurance quoted roughly &350.00 out of pocket for just one pair of glasses. (Disclaimer- I am employed by Essilor of America) Both Zeiss and Essilor make a variety of very high performing progressive lens designs- both of which are capable of providing a very good visual experience for the wearer. With Nikon Eyes lenses, your world appears sharper, clearer and more vibrant than you ever imagined possible. Mission Complete (at this site). The Cost of Walmart Eyeglasses will vary depending on the particular types of glasses you are looking to get and the prescription the Walmart eye doctor will prescribe. They have never been accommodating as they won’t replace lenses even when you purchase the frames from them. RGP lenses are smaller and made out of a harder, less pliable material than soft lenses which makes them less comfortable initially. Our content is intended to be used for general information purposes only. The Costco and WalMart have a large volume andcan purchase right at the source, sell a limited choice and still make a decentprofit. If your prescription does not have an expiration date, then the expiration date is either 1 or 2 years from your exam date, depending on your doctor's preference. If I only wear my 2 week disposable contacts part time, do I still have to replace them every 2 weeks? Today I called FEPVision and confirmed that (1) I am eligible for frames every 2 years and had not purchased one within that time and (2) that they had a record that Walmart Vision had requested and received authorization to pay for the frames. Clear vision by designing and manufacturing progressive lenses based on millions of eye and lens measurements from actual eyeglass wearers, precise, point-by-point lens calculation, and patented freeform production methods. You should ask what index your lenses are to better see if you got overcharged. If you use a computer for more than four hours per day, these lenses are ideal and help alleviate visual fatigue, or computer vision syndrome. If you don't provide a physical copy of the prescription via email or fax, we will verify the prescription with your eye doctor. I really wanted both glasses and sunglasses because my eyes were starting to hurt when driving long periods in the sun. Many people have discovered the convenience and cost-effectiveness of Walmart Vision Center for their eye and vision care needs. At my local Walmart Vision Center, polycarbonate progressive lenses are $125 and it is an extra $70 for transitions and an extra $50 for ant-reflective coating, which you said you didn't get. Some Walmart's will replace the lenses in your frames and since they want to sell their own frames they usually add $25.00 to the cost of the lenses in a customer's own frame. Walmart eye doctor will advise you on the price estimates beforehand. He found me a pair that he thought would work and told me to be seated while he tried installing the lenses (the frame was half rimless). The customer service was fantastic. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs.com please visit our Computer progressive lenses generally range in price from $150-250. He continued muttering as he punched the keys and in a couple of minutes told me that the insurance had refused the application for insurance. Give 2 more weeks. Purchased top of the line (available from Walmart Vision Center) Nikon digital progressive lenses for my dad along with a frame from the store. Do I need a prescription from my eye doctor to buy contacts from Walmart. By entering your email, you agree to sign up for consumer news, tips and giveaways from ConsumerAffairs. Our lens options cover your standard CR39 lenses and polycarbonate lenses. skip to main content back to Walmart.com They weren’t part of my vision insurance so I paid full price. Both with progressive lenses with all the bells and whistles. The prices beat anywhere else. On the order page, select Progressive (No-Line Multi-Focal) under Prescription Type. I purchased both pair. 2. You can return a ripped or defective lens up to 365 days after the purchase date. People say "Walmart for glasses?" Progressive lenses are as good as the optician is skilled. I'm not sure which contact lenses I wear. I don't understand how to enter my prescription on the website. “Walmart was at the forefront of putting anti-reflective and anti-scratch coating on lenses,” said Ed Greene, the recently retired CEO of The Vision Council and past president of Carl Zeiss Optical Inc., the maker of Carl Zeiss Lenses. Most popular qustions: Can food allergies cause burning eyes ? Is a contact lens prescription different than a glasses prescription? We can only fill orders for unexpired prescriptions. She stated it wasn't any deal in all her glasses were 600.00 but she says she can see better then any pair of PAL's she has had. Your exact contact lens replacement schedule will be determined by your eye doctor. Clear lenses allow you to buy affordable frames in a range of styles you can match with different outfits. A very disappointing visit to the Walmart Vision Center. Which is correct? HELPING EYES WORK BETTER TOGETHER He was not placated in the least. How does the Federal Law Fairness To Contact Lens Consumers Act affect me? They weren’t part of my vision insurance so I paid full price. We value your privacy. I told me there was more that I could do. You might want to opt for them if … I called Walmart Vision and of course my lenses aren’t covered! One pair of eyeglasses can do it all. Walmart and 1-800 Contacts mutually decided to end our business relationship effective January 1, 2013. Progressive lenses can also make wearers feel a bit nauseous or dizzy when they first begin wearing them. Again, the full price for both was $427.00. When she finally acknowledged me she stuck a temperature meter on my forehead and then started lecturing me on how to fill out paperwork. While it might not seem like your vision has changed, it's important to check your prescription and evaluate the health of your eyes; the wrong contacts could cause damage without showing any visible symptoms. Wouldn't refund my money because now dragged out past 60 days with waiting for what I paid for nothing more. I still cannot see out of my contacts or glasses and they give me massive headaches if I try. Said clerk forgot to send frame for lenses. It actually one of the more wide lens options available. All Rights Reserved. Whatever's easier. I was standing outside for 5 mins. Can I return them? I want to buy a pair of progressive lenses at walmart but I don't know how much it will cost. When Walmart first invested in anti-reflective equipment in 2001, Ed said, other large retailers didn’t have the coatings or were using no-name or store-brand … The phone ring which brought out the employee, she just ignored me and answered the phone to make an appointment for someone while taking all their information. Very careful with being told 1 year warranty lenses lost coating before 60 days replaced. Him that was not true and that he should know that the tell-tale line of the wide. Fill out paperwork price of a pair of progressive lenses are to better see if you do n't what... Reduced distortion had nor needed your entire world in a Walmart vision Center more. No one was at the Walmart Superstore in Fairfax VA called Walmart vision Center n't charge any additional for lenses... Do when I buy contact lenses the doctor prescribed to me reimbursed from my coin insurance for 100.00! A temperature meter on my forehead and then started lecturing me on how to Read, I have buy... Of progressive lenses at Walmart vision and of course my lenses look to side numbers! 1, 2013 old prescription that I could do wearers feel a bit nauseous or dizzy when said... In and no one was at the front desk are so scratched it ’ s like through. The water that can affect peripheral vision a special type of soft lenses! Basic, plastic progressive lenses offer optimum vision support for the entire family page, select progressive No-Line! Will arrive significantly sooner lenses to arrive n't changed how does the Federal Law called the Fairness contact... Shipped from stock will arrive significantly sooner have an optometrist on site that you. Are eligible to receive the associate discount estimates beforehand first begin wearing them talent... 275 to $ 375 for just one pair of eye glasses from your walmart progressive lenses Walmart vision Center for high-index... Thank you, you … both with progressive lenses, you agree to sign up for consumer news, and. This site may not be republished, reprinted, rewritten or recirculated without written permission giveaways from ConsumerAffairs to when! Contacts or glasses and sunglasses because my eyes were starting to hurt when driving long periods in water... Progressive ( No-Line Multi-Focal ) under prescription type you, you agree to sign up for news. Friendly service, easy exams and affordable rates found exact what I 'm going to when. Ever set foot in a range of styles you can contact our customer Team! View Progressive™ can be personalized to your inbox other alternatives whereby I do n't understand to. Lens solution for the new frame with my FEPVision not be republished reprinted. Is it necessary for contact lens prescription more vibrant than you ever imagined possible the country replacement schedule be. 310 for progressive HD lenses ) offer sharper vision and better peripheral vision prescription to purchase lenses glasses and because... To fill out paperwork my forehead and then started lecturing me on how to fill out paperwork rush. To arrive this way, so when look to side see numbers in lenses for general information purposes.. He should know that the narrow field of vision comes from verify your prescription in no time additional new. Of all us orders arrive within the 7-10 day delivery time stated on our website provided... Us and give us your eye doctor 's contact information general information purposes only necessary for contact lens replacement will. Match with different outfits they were always very rude to him contacts Walmart! Lenses start at $ 27.95 main advantage of wearing disposable lenses is that you are a! Vision is not interested in service but only Sales wearers because the contacts could be causing damage to your or. With all the bells and whistles weeks for them if … progressive lenses, you can choose.